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Services available

In Ronda Funeral Home, we deal with everything you need, providing you with the best burial services in our mortuaries of Orba, Pego and El Verger.

We want you, as relative or close friend, to feel comfortable, calm and get as much privacy as possible with your deceased family member. For this reason, in our facilities in Orba, El Verger and Pego we provide our particular services through all insurance companies by supplying the policy without any additional charge. Furthermore, we carry out relocations all over the country and offer a permanent service 24 hours a day.

For your tranquillity, we have a comprehensive offer of services; we work since the decease until the burial looking for the greatest satisfaction of the family along the funeral process.

Our team will look after you very nicely; they will help you in whatever you may need and will give you the suitable advice in order to take a decision in accordance with your requirements and budget.

Specifically, we prepare the whole funeral with the maximum privacy, since the collection, the wake, the ceremony, the hiring of the burial, and the moment of the removal wherever the family chooses (cemetery or crematorium). If your choice is the incineration, the documentation processing and the administrative tasks operation needed are included.

We have these service offerings:

  • Organisation of the whole funerary service.
  • Home care service if the family wants it.
  • Collection of the deceased, transfer to the funeral home facilities and corpse preparation.
  • Viewing rooms with all the services needed.
  • Complete offer of flowers and wreaths.
  • Full range of coffins and urns.
  • Full range of hearses.
  • Embalming service.
  • Hiring of obituaries.
  • Recorded music for the ceremony.
  • Secular and religious ceremonies.
  • Bereavement counselling.
  • Family and companions collection and transfer service.
  • Management of the burial service for other Funeral Homes (if necessary).
  • Relocation of the deceased all over the country and abroad service.
  • Incineration service carried out in our own facilities.
  • Organisation of the burial service and incineration in other
  • cemeteries.
  • Complete “post mortem” administrative tasks processing (if the family wants to).
  • Documentation processing in cemeteries, councils, parishes, banking institutions and courts.
  • Possibility to request funding to pay the services hired in accordance with the needs of the families.

We offer home care service if you want to.

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