Ronda Funeral Home - El Verger Mortuary


Ronda Funeral Home, after many years of experience as a mortuary in Pego, provides a new wake service in El Verger and Orba.

We have large facilities for a greater comfort of the family. We manage the transfers for 24 hours a day, we provide secular and religious ceremonies and a wide range of services.

We work for particular customers and all the insurance companies. Just calling 606 450 282 we will take care of everything else.

Because nobody wants it but all of us need it”.

 In El Verger Mortuary, we have REFURBISHED both rooms in order to give our customers complete privacy.

Vergel Mortuary


Avenida Constitución / Prolongación Maestro Serrano

03770 VERGEL (Alicante / Alacant)


24 hour-phone number

606 450 282

Other phone numbers

965 570 093 

Phone and fax

965 751 010

Mobile phones

606 450 282 / 628 245 106 / 686 657 632

We make transfers 24 hours a day. Call us.