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 Ronda Funeral Home - Pego Mortuary


The mortuary facilities in Orba, Pego and El Verger have been thought by Ronda Funeral Home so as to create a functional and comfortable space.

Orba mortuary has an easy access from any point in adjacent villages. Moreover, it has two viewing rooms, easy parking and national and international transfer service 24 hours a day.

We work for particular clients and insurance companies.

 In Pego Mortuary we have IMPROVED both rooms facilities.

Pego Mortuary

Plaça Constitució, 1
03780 Pego (Alicante / Alacant)


24 hour-phone number
606 450 282

Other phone numbers
965 570 093

Phone and fax
965 751 010

Mobile phones
606 450 282 / {custom_text_tel4}
680 386 198 / 686 657 632

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